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This Course is no joke.  If you want to learn this material and receive your OUPV credential, you are at the right place. 3rd Coast Captains League City, has a reputation for setting up our students for success.  This is a very difficult course.  In order for a student to pass, the student will need to study a great deal in order to pass the tests.  We believe our course work is top notch, however, the student must take it upon themselves to prepare for the class as well as commit to studying for as much time as they need to master the material during the course.  We recommend that you study a minimum of 4 hours a day.  Some people learn differently and may require more study time.  The weekend course allows students more time to study and prepare during the week to master the information and be prepared for the tests. This is why we recommend the weekend courses.  Successful students historically are those that prepare starting a few weeks ahead of the course and study every day during the three weeks during the course.  However, we make no warranty or guarantee of a student's ability to pass our course and or to receive the OUPV .  The NMC and the Coast Guard are the regulatory agency that must approve each student to receive their credentials.  There are many factors that can impact your ability to receive your OUPV  credential.  Things that can impact your ability to receive your credential include, but are not limited to; physical fitness for duty, criminal record, chronic disease, medications taken and or inability to pass the coursework.  These are some of the items for each student that could prevent them from receiving their OUPV or Masters credential.  If a student is concerned about their ability to receive their credential. A prudent student, prior to taking their course with us should contact the National Maritime Center about their particular medical condition, physical fitness, criminal record, or any other limiting condition. It should be noted that students with prior criminal history have received their credentials.  Criminal records can prevent a student from receiving their credential. Each student and their criminal record are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the NMC.  The student should discuss with that agency how any limiting condition or issue might impact their ability to receive their OUPV credential, Medical Certificate or Waiver for a Medical Condition.  The student should remove any doubt about their ability to receive their OUPV credential, Medical Certificate or Waiver for a Medical Condition from the Coast Guard and the NMC before spending the time and money to take our course. You Can submit an application to the NMC with all your qualifications and receive a clearance that will state that you are ready for testing indicating that all you need is this class. 

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