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1. We respect our customers. Respect their privacy.

We believe these ideas are inseparable. Together, they represent a single, core belief that has influenced everything we’ve made since day one, and everything we’ll make moving forward. When people use our services, they trust us with their information, and it’s our job to do right by them. This means always being thoughtful about what data we use, how we use it, and how we protect it.


2. Be clear about what data we collect and why.

We make it easy to understand what data we collect, how it’s used, and why. Being transparent means making this information readily available, understandable, and actionable. We collect your data to provide the U.S. Coast Guard with the information they need to know you have passed our course


3. Never sell our customer’s personal information to anyone.

it’s important to clarify that our customers’ personal information is simply not for sale.

4. Build the strongest security technologies into our products.

Respecting the privacy of our users means protecting the data they trust us with. To keep every customer’s record is protected by the fact we employ one of the most advanced security infrastructures. This means constantly strengthening our built-in security technologies to detect and protect against evolving online threats, before they ever reach our users.


5. Lead by example to advance security for all.

Keeping students data safe. This doesn’t stop in our building– it extends to the whole Internet. We share our security learnings, experiences, and tools with partners, organizations, and competitors around the world, because Internet-wide security demands industry-wide collaboration.

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