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Our course is approved by the United States Coast Guard.  We offer this unique course for the OUPV (6-Pack) Captain's License.
Successful completion of this course and submission of your completed application, and satisfactory physical examination and drug test*(See complete list of requirements for your application) will usually result in a United States Coast Guard license being issued without requiring the usual United States Coast Guard exam at the Coast Guard Regional Exam Center.

The U.S. Coast Guard calls this license Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV). The rest of the world refers to it as the "6-PACK" License.  The word "uninspected" is a technical term meaning that the equipment required, and the design of the boat, are less regulated. "6-PACK" refers to the 6 passenger limitation placed on the boat, and additionally, on the license.

$895.00 in class room

Master 25-50-100 Ton

Similar to the OUPV 6 Pack, this course is an additional endorsement to the OUPV (6-Pack) course. If you do not already have your OUPV license, you will need to get the OUPV first.  You do not have to file for your OUPV license but you will have to complete that course and then go on to this course. After you have successfully completed both courses and tests, you may then apply for your Master 25, 50 or 100 GRT license.  The License is issued based on your documented sea service.


Towing Assistance


The Marine Towing Endorsement is required if you will be engaged in towing a disabled vessel for payment. Any USCG license of 200 gross tons or less, including the OUPV  may be endorsed for assistance towing.

Commercial Assistance Towing is "Towing for Hire," such as the activities of a TowBoat U.S. operator towing a disabled vessel to its homeport. This USCG towing endorsement requirement is not a "Towing" license for the operation of a tugboat.

Course Subjects Include:

  • Towing Safety

  • Forces in Towing

  • Towing Equipment and Hazards

  • Standard Towing Procedures

  • How Do I Get My License?

  • Authorization

  • This Assistance Towing Endorsement course satisfies the examination requirement for the Towing Endorsement. Students who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate that will be accepted in lieu of the standard Coast Guard examination!

  • Sea Service

  • Other than passing the Mariners Learning System™ USCG Towing Endorsement course there are no additional licensing requirements to have this endorsement added to a Captain's License.

  • License Operating Area

  • This Assistance Towing Endorsement can be issued for "Great Lakes" waters, "Inland" waters or "Near Coastal" waters. (depending on where you gained your experience)

  •           $150.00

About 3rd Coast Captains

Third Coast Captains "Capt. School"  has graduated hundreds of OUPV students in Texas.  Our teachers love boats and people.  We enjoy sharing our love of the water we take great pride in sharing what we know to make you a successful mariner. When you take our OUPV/Six Pack Course, we take you to the next level of your mariner status.

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